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Don’t Panic during Pregnancy!

Pregnancy is a time of amazing joy. A woman bringing life into the world. You…

Don’t Panic during Pregnancy!Pregnancy is a time of amazing joy. A woman bringing life into the world. You pick out baby furniture, paint the room and begin setting it up. Clothes that always seemed small and darling will be what your child will be wearing. You gain weight slowly and get to see the baby on an ultrasound. However, for many women, the joy of child birth can bring panic attacks too. So how does a pregnant woman deal with panic attacks?

Well, to be honest, the attacks can happen before the woman decides to get pregnant and after she has the baby in post partum depression. It is noted that six percent of women who do develop panic disorder get it after the child is born. However, both points are still being studied on.

There are several stressors in our lives… both positive and negative events. Example: You take a new job…a positive effect. Yet, there are many things that need to be done that causes stress.

Getting pregnant is the same way. It can be positive and joyous but it is one of the most changing life event ever experienced. It can cause panic disorders through the tension and stress that is caused from the anxiety one feels.

When the stress level rises, physical panic reactions ensue. This can make them feel as if they have lost all control of their mind and body. Some even feel that have lost their self-esteem. This is the time when self-esteem should be at its highest level before the baby’s birth.

In the third trimester, the brain produces a chemical called serotonin which produces during fear and worry times. Since the chemical is released, panic attacks can become frequent and be intense.

As the impact of the pregnancy grows, the woman’s ability to cope with family and the impending birth is starting to take a toll on her. For those who have suffered panic attacks during pregnancy, it is not uncommon to feel even more frustration and fear already felt from just being pregnant.

It is imperative that pregnant women and her family understand what goes on when she is suffering with panic disorder. The body is already in extreme distress from the pregnancy and panic attacks further aggravate the issue. She may find she cannot cope, cannot be trusted to make good judgments and is more tired trying to maintain self control. There are some mothers-to-be who suffer self-doubt about being a good mother.

Physical symptoms of a panic attack in pregnancy is much similar to everyone else who gets panic attacks. They are:

  • Shortness of breathe
  • Racing heartbeats
  • Hot flashes
  • Dizziness
    Psychological effects can be described by the following symptoms:
  • fear of losing control
  • fear of dying
  • fear of being inadequate

Should a pregnant woman suffer from panic disorder, it is imperative she speak with her physician. Sometimes a mild prescription can be given to her if the symptoms warrant it. These effects can be quite debilitating but taking responsibility for the treatment plan can help in reducing anxiety.

Relaxation techniques including meditation and yoga are suitable programs for pregnant women. Plus a woman can change her negative thoughts into positive ones and reduce the low self esteem that she feels. If at all possible, if there are signs of stress or anxiety, family members and the woman should be seen by her doctor.

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