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5 tips to boost your immune system during pregnancy

Pregnancy impacts a woman’s immunity system adversely. During pregnancy, a woman’s Immune system is naturally under…

5 tips to boost your immune system during pregnancyPregnancy impacts a woman’s immunity system adversely. During pregnancy, a woman’s Immune system is naturally under functioning or suppressed so that her body does not reject the foetus or embryo considering it as a foreign object. As a result the immune cells lose a part of their capability to protect the body against infections and ailments. It thus becomes important to boost immunity during pregnancy and take necessary measures for the same.

Eat Immune boosting foods: It is extremely important to maintain a balanced and healthy diet during pregnancy. There has to be a right proportion of green vegetables, citrus fruits, meats, oils, nuts and seeds. These foods can be a rich source of minerals, fatty acids and vitamins. High protein diet is recommended in all meals.

Zinc, selenium, copper, iron, Vitamin B-6, A, E AND C are very important for optimum functioning of the immune system. Consumption of coloured vegetables and fruits, whole grains, fish and low fat dairy products is the best during pregnancy. Citrus fruits, seafood, fortified cereals are nutrient dense foods and inclusion of these in everyday diet would promote optimum immune function.

Snacking on nuts during pregnancy is also an excellent idea. Nuts are packed with a variety of health benefits. Almonds prove to be the best of nuts during this phase.

Organic versions of food items should be preferred as pesticides and toxins reduce immune system functioning.

Junk food to be avoided: The Immune system is already week during pregnancy. Hence, it is not worth making the system work harder by consumption of junk food.

Regular intake of refined sugars, packaged and processed foods makes it very difficult for the body to maintain a strong immune system. Consumption of pizzas, burgers, chips, sodas and other junk snacks to please the taste buds should strictly be refrained from during pregnancy. It is best to stick to a routine balanced diet.

One should also refrain from consumption of caffeine and alcohol during this period.

Intake of junk food will not only adversely affect the mother’s immunity system but also impact the immunity of the newborn.

Pop up supplements: An experienced medical practitioner is the best person to suggest relevant prenatal supplements during pregnancy. A pregnant woman requires extra nourishment and has to ensure intake of the right vitamins and minerals in the correct proportion. It is essential to have a proper dosage of probiotics, Vitamin D, Zinc and hence supplements get mandatory during this span.

These requirements may not be perfectly catered by the routine meals and food consumed. Hence supplements are the best way to boost and upkeep immunity during pregnancy.

Engage in medium intensity exercises:  An exercise schedule has to be worked upon when pregnant. Exercise not only boosts immunity but also maintains fitness and prepares a woman’s body for childbirth. The more active and physically fit a female is during pregnancy; the less susceptible she is to cold and other daily life ailments. It is believed that regular exercise results in appropriate and controlled weight gain, reduced symptomatic pains, decreased chances of gestational diabetes, well controlled blood pressure and improved immune system.

Sleep deprivation is also very common during pregnancy. An effective exercise plan helps in regulating sleep and can prove to be very beneficial during pregnancy.

De-stress: Enjoy a peaceful slumber: Pregnancy can be very stressing early on. Coping up with the symptoms may not be very easy. Meditation, yoga, light music, reading up an interesting book or taking a warm comforting massage are excellent ways of distressing one’s body and mind. Hence, a pregnant woman will have to carry a positive attitude to ensure that stress does not take a toll on her immunity system.

It is a phase of emotional transition and hence may be very taxing. Hence it is important to go to bed early, take short naps and keep oneself refreshed.

Proper sleep at night can also boost immune system. Stress may result in loss of sleep and sleep deprivation is associated with an altered immunity system. Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep during pregnancy ensures that the immune system primed and on the go to fight off invasions.

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