Hypothyroidism and Getting Pregnant

Most couples dream to become an accomplished, full-functioning family. A kid is enough to make this happen. But as simple as conceiving a child may seem, with some couples it turns out to be a great challenge. The reason usually is some health problem in one of the partners which impedes conception. A common obstacle is improper functioning of the thyroid gland, known as hypothyroidism. The thyroid gland is one of the largest glands forming the endocrine system. It is located in the front of the neck, below the larynx. The thyroid gland controls metabolism and the way the body’s reaction to other hormones.

Average Weight Gain During Pregnancy

When you get pregnant, one of your main concerns may be about how much weight you should gain during your pregnancy so that you can more easily lose it after you give birth. It is important that you gain some weight during your pregnancy since the baby MUST have enough nutrients to develop normally. Just remember that being pregnant does NOT mean you can eat twice as much! Your healthcare provider will help you determine how much you should gain during your pregnancy to maintain your health and the health of your newborn. 

Chickenpox and Pregnancy

Chickenpox is categorized in the list of viral infections that may be self-limiting and benign. It makes the skin itchy and red that is followed by appearance of blister eruption on skin (that are filled with fluid). The causative agent is varicella virus; some moms may encounter chickenpox and pregnancy meantime. If a pregnant woman acquire chickenpox during pregnancy then the chances of complications increases that may affect baby and the mother both. The intensity of infection and likelihood of severe complications in mother and her baby is determined by the time at which the infection was acquired (that is early pregnancy or in last trimester, etc).

Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

It is more common to get a yeast infection during pregnancy than at any other point in your life and this is especially true during your second trimester. If you are worried you have a yeast infection, this information can help you talk about it with your doctor. A yeast infection will not have any major effects on your pregnancy, but they can be harder to control throughout pregnancy which in turn can cause you discomfort.

Leaking Amniotic Fluid

Amniotic fluid is simply the fluid that surrounds a developing fetus when a woman is pregnant. The amniotic fluid is needed for several things including protecting the baby by suspending the fetus away from bumps of your abdomen. This fluid is also responsible for training the fetus to adopt to various survival skills that the fetus needs after birth. During your pregnancy, the fetus swallows and urinates amniotic fluid. This fluid is also breathed by the fetus.

Hypothyroidism And Pregnancy- Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment

What is thyroid? Thyroid disorders affect many women worldwide, and many go untreated. Women experience complicated pregnancies, miscarriages, depression all owing to hypothyroidism, with the least idea that their thyroid levels are to be blamed for this. The thyroid endocrine gland at the throat base has a balancing role in regulating overall organ functions. Both excess and subdued thyroid activities are unhealthy signals, and should be remedied. Hypothyroidism is commoner than the hyperactive condition. Pregnant women should especially be concerned because the condition may have serious implications.

Ten Tips For Packing the Hospital Bag for Delivery

It is a good idea to pack the bag for your d-day when you complete 8 months. Striking the 8 month very well means that the special day is near. Since you can go into labor anytime , you need to be calm and take care in preparing for the special moment. You should not miss any of the important things while packing the hospital bag for delivery. The important parts have been listed by some of the experienced mothers. The following ten points can be very helpful because they have been set to cover all of the packing needs.

7 Helpful Tips When Trying For A Pregnancy After An Abortion

Let go off the sad memories in the joy of new birth. Undoubtedly, abortion or a miscarriage is a very distressing experience. The immense guilt, the hopelessness, and the pains of a negative relationship all take their toll. You naturally feel as if you killed a part of your being. However, life is as much as about deaths, as it is about rising from the ashes like a Phoenix. Many women conceive even after multiple abortions. You are literally reborn again in the joy of being a new mom after surviving all the stress.

What causes a negative pregnancy test?

Oh, why again? Why is it negative on the marker? If you are in a certain age bracket, you will be upset because you are running out of time. You simply cannot believe that you were not able to conceive despite everything you tried! A negative pregnancy test can spell frustration, sadness and even depression. Did you try the kit too early? And did you do it properly? Or maybe, you are not pregnant yet. A negative pregnancy test can be disappointing, your best bet – stay positive and move onto the next month. 

5 Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy To Your Husband – Without Saying A Word

Congratulations!! You just found your pregnancy test to be positive and now you are dying to tell your husband the big news. Getting him informed about pregnancy can be very exciting for you. But the question is “how?” Dialling the phone or tying a SMS will also send the message, but doesn’t it sound boring? Do you want to tell him about your pregnancy in a different way, without using words? Actually it’s a wonderful idea for which you need to be little creative. Here are some ways by which you may deliver this awesome news to your partner: